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Our Charbonneau Experience

We believe that our best creative work happens when we can see the full design picture, from beginning to end — we can collaborate closely with you to imagine one-of-a-kind visions, while also being intimately involved with the day-to-day details to make sure the design evolves into a beautiful reality. And for over two decades, we've honed our craft for this full-service experience!


This is why we’ve curated an array of services and team strengths to ensure we can provide a seamless, in-house, well-rounded interior design experience. Our hope is that you feel confident that the professional team you meet before you begin your project, will be the same one that welcomes you into your new home when it’s finished — and be your trusted guides for every single step along the way, from conceptual ideas to detailed design to execution management.

"Even though all the specifics and details will always be different for each of our clients, our goal will always be the same:
to make life better through design."



in everything.

Eloquent design is our way of talking about the work we do and in a way that brings across our dedication to grace & ease in our style.


Eloquence is embodied in our complete dedication to giving concierge service, and going above and beyond with how we create, connect, and converse.

In eloquent design, both what we design and how we design are equally important. All of our elements and experiences come together and contribute to an overall feeling that our home is wrapping its arms around us, almost saying: “rest here, relax here, reinvigorate here”  and makes us never want to leave.

A comprehensive approach to full service.


Thorough onboarding process with detailed proposals & timelines

Fully-stocked Resource Library with samples to see and feel in our Studio

Full-service project and execution management

Complete communication with partners and tradespeople

White-glove ordering, procurement, and installation services

In-studio workroom and Seamstress for custom textile consultations

One-on-one custom hardware consultations 

A handpicked "pod" of professionals dedicated to your project​

20+ years of our professional relationships and to-the-trade resources


"Nancy will help you create a room, space, or entire house you LOVE. And it will be what YOU Love. She will help you find all the right elements to create a space that makes you smile. She listens to your wants and needs — I would never use anyone else!"

Tracy B.


Hand-selected pod 
dedicated to your project.

When we begin a project, we begin with extensive questions. Our goal is to get to the heart of not only the project’s scope, but our clients’ hopes, dreams, personalities, schedule, and more.


Armed with this information, we create a unique project team to fill what the project (and our client) needs — we call these our "pods".

We hand-select our pods for every single project, and the size and make-up of our pods is truly unique to every single project. Each pod member has specific roles and responsibilities throughout the project to ensure a well-rounded, harmonious experience as we move from phase-to-phase.


Our pods' dedicated expertise, professionalism, and collaboration is vital to how we design — and it's ultimately our clients who benefit the most from this!


Residential Design

Boutique Commercial Design

Concierge Care + Services

Studio C by Charbonneau Interiors

Designers Hardware


Full Service Interior Design

New Build & Construction Design

Renovation & Remodel Design

Custom Furnishings & Decor

Luxury Textiles & Drapery

Wellness-focused Design

Press & Awards

Best of The Woodlands, 2021

HGTV Designer of the Year finalist, 2020

Houston Chronicle, 2020 + 2019

Better Homes & Gardens, 2020

MyDomaine, 2021 + 2020

Process with purpose.


At the beginning of each project, we craft a clear roadmap of where we're going. We believe that organization in the beginning makes for a successful, on-time project in the end — for everyone involved!


detailed scope proposals

questionnaires and preference surveys

meeting calendars for each phase

pre-set meeting agendas

intention and energy setting

guiding concept statements

dedicated feedback forms and revisions

... and more!



work with intention, not haste

communicate with clarity, not based on assumptions

create a completely custom experience, not one-size-fits-all

foster mutual trust and confidence


Designing where you live or work is an incredibly personal investment, and our processes ensure that we’re making the most of it. We truly believe we are here to design for a better life — your life! 



"Nancy and her team are amazing! I have turned to her for her interior design expertise for both traditional spaces in my home and for a modern, downtown high-rise space. She will give you a space that you love! I wouldn't use anyone else and I highly recommend Nancy and her entire team at Charbonneau Interiors!"

Cheryl B.

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  • Part I: Project Inquiry
    Every connection begins with a conversation — or in our case, our Project Inquiry Form! This is the best way to get in touch with our team. We'll ask for a general overview about your project details and intentions — a link to an inspiration Pinterest or Houzz board is great, too! Once submitted, our team will take about 3-5 business days to thoughtfully and thoroughly review your inquiry. This time is used to look through your details, coordinate with our design team's availability, and take a careful look at our project queue and calendar. Once we've confirmed our our availability and compatibility, we'll reach out to schedule our initial inquiry Zoom call.
  • Part II: Virtual Consultation
    Our Planning Services begin with a Virtual Consultation with our Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD), Rachelle Starr. During this Zoom meeting or phone call, Rachelle will discuss design direction, necessary measurements, and explanation of the design and construction process.
  • Part III: Our Design Process
    After our initial meeting, we get to work! Our professional Certified Kitchen & Bath Designer (CKBD) will craft a variety of design documents for your review, including: Guiding Vibe Board & Statement Floor plans, Demo and Framing Plans, and Elevation Two three-dimensional views of kitchen in grayscale Concepts for selections and appliances Throughout the design process, our Designer will utilize secure communication platforms to ensure all the details are taken care of.
  • Part IV: Design Review & Revisions
    Once our team has prepared your designs, we'll schedule a Zoom meeting to present everything to you. This meeting includes: Review of client feedback Up to 2 variations with up to 2 revisions Cabinet concepts and explanation Review of concepts for backsplash, countertops, & flooring Review of appliance recommendations during design presentation Once everything is reviewed and approved, we'll email over a compiled PDF of everything we've prepared, all nicely packaged and ready to be sent to a contractor of your choice to execute.
  • Part V: Your Project Is Bid-Ready!
    Once everything is reviewed and approved, you walk away with a complete design document package in PDF format, ready for contractors or builders to take, procure, and bid. This document will be in digital format, and be a complete resource for you to execute your project in your schedule, on your timeline.
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