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Charbonneau Interiors is a group of interior designers and spatial creatives brought together by an admiration for soulful, eloquent interiors, a love for the stories behind our spaces, and a visionary drive to connect the two.


Our work is about connecting who you are to how you live. We believe that when we're connected to our surroundings, we can live effortlessly; we can recharge, rejuvenate, and just be. It's creating the feeling of not ever wanting to leave. And, part of that feeling comes when design can tell our story in a way we didn't think was possible.


This is all part of our Charbonneau signature style of eloquent design. It's both a tangible aesthetic and intangible feeling that weaves graceful living with soulful storytelling; it's a style that is visually beautiful, yet still feels so uniquely yours.


Based in

The Woodlands, Texas

In-Studio Workroom

+ On-Staff Seamstress

Tenure of 20+ years designing all over North America

Team of 15 creatives dedicated + trained in Eloquent Design

3 distinct branches with distinct specialties

Nancy Charbonneau, Allied ASID

CEO, Founder & Principal Designer

Nancy Charbonneau founded Charbonneau Interiors with the belief that great interior design should always connect who you are to how you live.  And since 1999 she’s been expressing that core belief in beautiful homes full of warm, joyful harmony. 

With her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University tucked firmly in place under her arm, Nancy soon combined her eye for design with her love for sewing: a talent learned while sitting at her mother’s side listening to the whir of the sewing machine speed along beautiful fabric. 


The result was Woodlands Fabrics & Interiors, a marriage of her twin passions for textile and design based in The Woodlands, Texas.  Today, her company has evolved into Charbonneau Interiors, a leading lifestyle and full-service interior design firm with projects as close as Austin and Dallas, and as far as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Calgary, Canada (and many places in between!)

Nancy seeks inspiration in nature, and when she finds it she articulates it, not only in her interiors, but also in her watercolors, where her love of blues and greens and sunset hues is envisioned evocatively.

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“Something I’ve always felt about interior design is that for your home to fit you, it has to tell your very specific story and reflect the way you see the world.”



As Nancy’s right-hand woman, Kimberly ensures that our firm runs efficiently, smoothly, and with grace on a day-to-day basis. As the exemplar of our signature Charbonneau Care and client-first approach, she brings a love of connection to her role as COO, always ensuring that both our team and clients are always well taken care of.

Kimberly C. Graff


Since joining our team in 2012, Jennifer has grown from Interior Designer to Design Operations Manager, overseeing our design department to ensure each client’s project is on-track and running smoothly on the back-end. As the personal + professional epitome of harmony and balance, Jenn brings a peaceful spirit to both our team and the projects she oversees.

Jennifer Gonzalez


As our lead Senior Designer, Lauren’s 18+ years of being a licensed Interior Designer brings her to the forefront of many of our projects. Lauren excels in renovation and new construction projects because of her incredible depth of knowledge on technical design, surfaces + finishes, and project management. Her kind and nurturing spirit comes alive with her clients, and is evident in her beautiful, eloquent designs.

Lauren Caudle, RID

Who We Are


From growing up in the family business to now being a part of it, Carley directs our marketing, communications + brand strategies. Whether it be online, in the press, within the client experience, or in the community, Carley is passionate about storytelling, and aims to share the Charbonneau story in clear, beautiful, and eloquent ways.

Carley Charbonneau


With almost a decade-long tenure with us, Leta manages our procurement and purchasing department, overseeing how we buy, order, ship, receive, and install items for our clients. With kindness at her core, Leta is dedicated to delivering our highest degree of Charbonneau Care, from ensuring all items are in excellent condition, to keeping our clients well-informed and cared for every step of the way.

Leta King


As a key piece of many projects, Jacey assists and designs with intention, whether it be with selections, finishes, custom purchasing, or project coordination. She works closely with our lead designers to ensure that our projects’ details are well taken care of. Jacey’s joyful and fun-loving spirit is what drives both her creativity + ability to forge meaningful connections with the clients she serves.

Jacey Smith


With an eye for eloquence, extensive inventory knowledge and decade-long tenure with us, Megan is an integral part of our custom purchasing and design operations departments, whether she’s sourcing specialty pieces or guiding back-end workflows. With all that she does, Megan leads with a collaborative and nurturing spirit, ensuring that our Charbonneau Care is evident in every step of our experience.

Megan West

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Long-tenured and widely loved, our lead seamstress, Munira, has had an incredible impact both in our workroom and outside of it. Through the hundreds of drapery projects she’s completed for our clients over the years, Munira’s high-degree of care and skillful craft is truly unmatched. Working closely with our team and clients, she brings textile visions to reality with an eye for perfection and touch for handcrafted care.

Munira Kapasi


With a degree in Interior Design and tenure in Corporate America, Stel manages the daily operations of our Studio, including the inner-workings of our team and Custom Purchasing department. She does all this with grace, and pushes our team to be efficient, productive, and joyful, for both each other and our clients.

As Nancy’s right-hand woman, Kimberly ensures that our firm runs efficiently, smoothly, and with grace on a day-to-day basis. As the exemplar of our signature Charbonneau Care and client-first approach, she brings a love of connection to her role as COO, always ensuring that both our team and clients are always well taken care of.

Stel Diaz



Tracy Bowling


As a key piece of our Design team, Ana brings strong attention to detail and incredible digital proficiency to all of the projects she works on. From project organization to selections and sourcing, she also manages our Studio’s well-stocked Resource Library, and is an incredible technical asset on drawings and renderings … and she does it all with compassion and positivity. 

Ana Diosdado

Charbonneau2023-19 (2).jpg


Ashley Barousse



Claudia Kattan

What We Do


Residential Design

Boutique Commercial Design

Concierge Care + Services

Virtual Kitchen & Bath Design

Designers Hardware


Full Service Interior Design

New Build & Construction Design

Renovation & Remodel Design

Custom Furnishings & Decor

Luxury Textiles & Drapery

Wellness-focused Design

Press & Awards

Business of Home, 2022

TexasLiving, 2022

Best of The Woodlands, 2021

HGTV Designer of the Year finalist, 2020

Houston Chronicle, 2020 + 2019

Better Homes & Gardens, 2020

MyDomaine, 2021 + 2020

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