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4 ways to make holiday decorating easy.

The Studio C Holiday Kit is here and ready to simplify your holidays for you!

As excited as we are by cooler weather and movie-watching by the fireplace, we know the holidays can also be ... stressful. From cooking feasts to hosting family, all while having an entertaining-friendly home that'll outlast kids, pets, and relatives, you've got a lot on your plate!

And if you're looking for a bit of help with that last part, we wanted to share 4 ways to make holiday decorating easy with our Studio C Holiday Kit, so you can still do it all (without actually having to do it all). 😉

Studio C by Charbonneau Interiors is our dedicated consultation branch, offering consultation-based services on selections from furnishings, to paint, to e-design. Studio C was founded to offer approachable, simplified interior design -- and the goal is exactly the same for our Holiday Kits.

This year, Studio C is releasing limited quantities of a completely pre-made, ready to go Studio C Holiday Kit. If you're looking to DIY designer-worthy holiday decor, this is for you! We'll mention the Studio C Holiday Kit throughout this post, but you're welcome to read the specifics on it in this blog post here: Introducing the Studio C Holiday Kit.

Now, onto what you came for!

4 ways to make holiday decorating easy.


Invest in a panoramic holiday tree topper with ribbon, sprigs, and stems that can be reused year after year. The bonus part is that it looks good from every single angle! The best way we've found to do this is create 3-5 "bunches" that are zip-tie'd together, and then zip-tie them right into the top of your tree. Once you're ready to take down for the holidays, all you'll have to do is cut the zip-ties out of the tree, store the topper in a clear plastic wrap or bag, and store away until next year.

This is definitely a front-end time investment. And while it can be a labor of love to create the "bunches" in the beginning, if stored properly, it really can last year after year, with maybe just minor ribbon replacement as needed.


Board mount your mantle garland! This is our tried-and-true way of keeping garland untangled and put together, without having to re-decorate every year. Just like the tree topper, this should be stored in a plastic covering/bag at around room temperature to maintain the health of the ribbons and decor.

What you can't see is the huge piece of wood that this garland is mounted on! All we had to do was cut the wood to match the dimensions of the hearth, place it, and fluff - seriously!

(And yes, our Studio C Holiday Kit includes one of these that's already decorated and pre-lit, too! This is the Metallic color way, but it can also come in Traditional red and green. We wrote a whole blog post on them here: Introducing the Studio C Holiday Kit)