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4 Ways to Transition your Backyard for Winter

With southern temperatures tempting us to enjoy the outdoors, why not enjoy a cozy oasis right outside your backdoor? Here are a few ways to make the most of your exterior living all year round that we shared with TheSpruce last year, so you can cozy up with friends and family while staying comfortable in cooler temperatures.

1. Invest in quality furnishings

The quality of the furniture is one of the most important things to keep in mind when decorating your outdoor conversation area. Materials react differently to different climates and weather conditions, so it’s imperative to keep your climate top of mind when selecting materials and furniture. No matter what climate you live in, you should always choose solution-dyed acrylic fabrics you can clean with bleach without harming the material.

Nancy uses this fabric for the cushions on her outdoor dining chairs, too — you can see how she styles her outdoors throughout the season as she celebrated Thanksgiving al-fresco this year!

2. Cluster designated entertaining areas

To make your outdoor spaces cozy for conversation, we always like to cluster the furniture groupings to have different functions — this could be a dining area, fire pit area and TV-viewing area. These different spaces makes outdoor living both functional and flexible for your guests, giving them the freedom to move around to enjoy different experiences all within the same area.

3. Go for removable, washable performance fabrics with your textiles

We love transitioning out pillows between seasons as a way to freshen up your outdoors throughout the year. Also, chaise lounges with removable cushions that you can wash are absolutely worth the investment. If they have wheels and can be easily shifted around, that’s even better.

4. Get cozy!

Having in a fire element with fire pits and fire places is a staple for Texas falls and winters. Add in baskets with warm cozy throws, trays with s'mores ingredients, and plush outdoor furniture cushions allow for a setting conducive to a mini-retreat and place to linger and enjoy the season.

Featured in this post is the outdoor casita and backyard of our Meadow Brook Homestead project. You can see the entire renovation here!