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Allied ASID & RID (and why they matter when interviewing interior designers)

There’s a big difference between interior designers and interior decorators — and while both are lovely professions, it’s important to know the difference when interviewing designers, especially if you’re undertaking a renovation or construction project!


Allied ASID: American Society of Interior Designers

An Interior Designer, Allied ASID is a member of one of the most respected design societies in the world. To become Allied ASID, designers have to have an elite combination of education and experience to qualify. They also adhere to a specific code of ethics and are actively involved in continuing education and the design community. In some cases, Allied ASID designers professionals marked by their long-standing tenure and extensive experience in the industry. Our founder Nancy Charbonneau is one of those!

RID: Registered Interior Designer

An Interior Designer, RID is also required to meet an elite level of experience, professional ability, and education to put those 3 letters at the end of their name. Most importantly, the “RID” signifies that this professional has passed extensive certification exams, and shown incredible expertise in architecture, design, construction, and more. Trust us when we say, this is an incredible feat and honor to add these letters to the end of your name.

Our Senior Designer Lauren and Project Manager Sarah are both Interior Designers, RID!

These acronyms show that these professionals are accredited by nationally recognized professional design institutions. These professionals have undergone extensive, arduous testing, competitive application processes, continuing education courses, and more.

Those little acronyms prove that their experience, expertise, and knowledge in the world of design and construction far exceeds that of a college degree (which is a pre-requisite, in addition to a set number of years as a practicing professional in the industry).

In other words — they can walk the walk of beautiful, aesthetic design while also talking the talk of technical know-how!