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Before + After: a Primary Suite Sanctuary

It's easy to put off the primary bedroom during design as it’s not a common area that everyone sees, but it’s one of those core rooms in your house. It’s like having a strong core in your body; to have a space you feel so good about helps you be stronger!

These were Nancy's words to @HoustonChron when she talked about transforming this primary suite from a place where you just sleep, into a sanctuary space you can retreat to. Complete with custom furnishings, drapery, and bedding, here's the before-and-after of the primary suite from our Grand Regency renovation project.

This "before and after" is part of a whole-home renovation project we completed in The Woodlands in 2019 by Principal Designer, Nancy Charbonneau. This project was also featured in the One-Room Makeover series in the Houston Chronicle.

When it came to renovating the primary suite of our Grand Regency project, the goal was to take the dark, dated, and traditional feel of the room and completely transform it into a modern mediterranean sanctuary, a true retreat for our client that was solely his. In a room that didn't feel like it held any piece of him, the primary suite had become just a place for sleep; but Nancy wanted it to be more than that — she wanted it to be a place of rest.

While each of our projects are uniquely different, this client gave Nancy complete creative freedom over his space, trusting the vision she saw for a space that he wasn't sure what to do with. What resulted was a beautiful partnership that allowed our team to create a truly one-of-a-kind, beautiful place that felt infused with who our client is.

In this primary suite, you'll find completely custom furnishings, handcrafted drapery + bedding from our in-Studio workroom, textured wallpaper, fresh coat of paint, and new decor and accessories.

And in the words of our client, as featured by Diane Cowen of the Houston Chronicle:

"{Our client} still doesn’t know much about style, but he knows what he likes — and he likes his new bedroom.
“If someone had asked me how much of a difference rugs or draperies made, I would have said ‘none.’ It ended up being a huge deal. Just about every element for me ended up being a dramatically improved change,” he said. “And out of respect for Nancy and myself, I keep it looking pretty darn close to those pictures you have.”

To see the entire project, we'd love to invite you to view our portfolio here!