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Are you curious about a full-service design experience, just looking for guidance, or researching inspiration for your next project? Wherever you find yourself on your design journey, welcome!


At Charbonneau Interiors, we create designs that connect who you are to how you live. Now, we’re opening up our Studio to share interior design insight, behind-the-scenes details, and exclusive project reveals.


Curated by both our design team, we hope you find a bit inspiration as you look around … and maybe even have a little fun along the way!




  • Textiles + Furnishings

A Look into our In-House Textile Studio

Textiles and drapery are at the root of who we are. We feel it’s what makes our homes feel good, cozy, welcoming, textural … textile materials always play an important part in the spaces we design!

Back when we were Woodlands Fabrics & Interiors (as we’re sure many of our Houston friends remember!), we carried bolts upon bolts of fabrics in a fully-stocked fabric and trim store. And when we decided to transition from a retail store to a by-appointment-only custom interior design firm in 2019, our love for those fabrics didn’t fade.

While we don’t sell retail from our Studio anymore, textiles are a big part of every project we touch. Today, we have a fully-functioning in-Studio workroom, full-time seamstress, and full-time Furnishings & Textile Specialist, available exclusively to our custom furnishings and textile clients to create one-of-a-kind textile experiences for their projects.

And today, we’re excited to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our in-Studio workroom, custom drapery, and custom bedding projects!

Meet Lead Seamstress, Munira

Long-tenured and widely loved, our Lead Seamstress, Munira, has had an incredible impact both in our workroom and outside of it. Through the hundreds of drapery projects she’s completed for our clients over the years, Munira’s high-degree of care and skillful craft is truly unmatched. Working closely with our team and clients, she brings textile visions to reality with an eye for perfection and touch for handcrafted care.

Munira is closely involved with every project that comes through her workroom — long before she starts sewing! Having worked with Nancy Charbonneau for over a decade, she has extensive knowledge around the technical craft of sewing, and brings that expertise to every single project — whether it’s a single drapery panel, or whole-home custom bedding project. Munira works closely with our team to ensure that yardages, measurements, and more are precise and accurate. She is a perfectionist in the best sense, and it shows in her incredibly well-crafted pieces!

Meet Textile Specialist, Allison

Passionate, personable and fun: the first 3 words that come to mind with Allison! As our Furnishings & Textile Specialist, she coordinates between clients and our in-house workroom to bring textile dreams to life. Whether sourcing fabrics, installing drapery, or consulting on custom furnishings, she does it all with kindness, care, and connection, turning our projects into a one-of-a-kind experience for our clients to enjoy.

Within each of the project pods she’s in, Allison coordinates between the client, lead designer, and Munira to manage the process that brings concept, to vision, to tangible plans, to execution. She has a keen eye for selecting fabrics, and works closely within our in-Studio Resource Library pulling fabrics, curating presentations, and ensuring that each selection she makes is the best choice for our clients. You’ll often find Allison in the workroom collaborating closely with Munira, as well!

Here's a peek into one of Allison's current projects. She leads her pod with beautiful furnishings and textile selections for our #CoolAndCollectedonCochransCrossing project! (COMING SOON)