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Creating a holiday arrangement from your own backyard.

We're sharing inspiration on how to forage together a stunning centerpiece with greenery from right outside your back door.

If you know us, you know nature is one of our biggest sources of inspiration — and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to based in this little Houston suburb that's FULL of trees, greenery, woodland, and wildlife.

Today's post is in honor of that, and one of the ways we bring inspiration from the great outdoors, indoors.

Here are a few ways we've created foraged flower arrangement from greenery and florals from what we've found in our backyards, and a few ideas on how you can, too!

With this holiday tablescape from our Watertree Revival Renovation project, we foraged hydrangeas, smilax, magnolia leaves, and pine from the backyard to create this organic tablescape. (And the smell was incredible, too!)

For a little mix of metallic textures, we also incorporated a few ornaments throughout the arrangement. The smilax really allowed the arrangement to flow, while the structured ornaments helped anchor it!

Elsewhere, we also incorporated the same mixture of smilax, magnolia, and pine to create "mini-arrangements" to help guide that holiday spirit throughout the entire home.

And, the natural smell of those hydrangeas and pine truly wafted throughout the entire home, giving it the most BEAUTIFUL natural scent!

To give this tablescape a seamless "Thanksgiving to Christmas" transition, you'll find metallic pumpkins, trees, and candles woven between magnolia leaves and pine.

Pictured here is another foraged hydrangea arrangement, which features tons of greenery and foliage from native Houston plants from the backyard.

To supplement your foraged finds, we also sometimes go to our tried-and-tru