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Are you curious about a full-service design experience, just looking for guidance, or researching inspiration for your next project? Wherever you find yourself on your design journey, welcome!


At Charbonneau Interiors, we create designs that connect who you are to how you live. Now, we’re opening up our Studio to share interior design insight, behind-the-scenes details, and exclusive project reveals.


Curated by both our design team, we hope you find a bit inspiration as you look around … and maybe even have a little fun along the way!




  • Kitchen + Bath

6 Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas for Styling & Storage

Custom accessories and decor are a beautiful way to add charm, personality, and YOU into your home... but sometimes it can be difficult to curate a styled counter top, without it feeling cluttered.

A well-styled kitchen is a reflection of your personality and sets the tone for the entire home. From decorative bowls to flower arrangements, we've got your kitchen decor needs covered! And, don't forget to shop pieces from our own collection here, at Charbonneau Shop.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

At our Maple Path project, we opted for functional items that are also decorative and beautiful. Here, you'll find a sculpted countertop bowl for fruits and vegetables, a sleek-and-simple bud vase, and potted herbs soaking up the sun behind the sink. Layered cutting boards add warmth and depth to the neutral color palette, and are easily accessible for dinner prep when needed.

Decorative Bowls

Decorative bowls are a must-have for any traditional kitchen. Opt for elegant porcelain or vintage-inspired ceramic bowls that add a touch of sophistication. Use them to display seasonal fruits, vibrant veggies, or even potpourri. Pinterest enthusiasts adore the "decorative bowl centerpiece" trend, so take advantage of this keyword for inspiration.

Shop our Square Bud Vase here.

Shop our French Country Bowl here.

Decorative Jars

Classic glass or ceramic jars can add an element of timeless charm to your kitchen. Fill them with colorful spices, pasta, or cookies for a delightful aesthetic. To keep up with Pinterest trends, consider adding labels to your jars for the always-functional "organized kitchen" look.

Flower Arrangement

Nothing brightens up a kitchen like fresh flowers. A beautiful vase filled with your favorite blooms instantly adds a touch of elegance. Pinterest users are all about "farmhouse floral arrangements" and "seasonal blooms" right now, so integrate these keywords to find the perfect inspiration for your kitchen counter.

Wine Bar Decor

If you enjoy a glass of wine in the evenings, why not create a mini wine bar on your kitchen counter? A stylish wine rack, a few wine glasses, and a vintage corkscrew can turn your kitchen into a chic winery. Keep an eye out for Pinterest's "wine bar ideas" and "wine lovers' decor" keywords for creative ways to style your countertop.

Layered Cutting Boards

A trend that's been gaining traction on Pinterest is the use of layered cutting boards as both functional and decorative elements. Choose cutting boards in various shapes, sizes, and wood tones to create an eye-catching display. It's not just practical; it's also visually appealing and fits perfectly with the "rustic kitchen decor" trend that Pinterest users are currently loving.

Layered Kitchen Counter Decor

When it comes to kitchen counter decor, layering is the secret sauce that adds depth and personality to your space. Incorporating kitchen cookbooks and trays into your decor scheme is not only practical but also aesthetically pleasing. Here's how you can create a captivating layered look with these classic elements, all while staying on top of Pinterest's trends.

By layering kitchen cookbooks and trays on your counters, you're not only embracing a classic, timeless look but also incorporating a touch of practicality and organization into your kitchen.

Shop a few finds from our Charbonneau Shop for traditional, timeless, and classic kitchen counter decor inspiration and ideas:







CHARBONNEAU INTERIORS offers a completely custom, full-service interior design experience. Weaving graceful living with soulful storytelling, our signature style is rooted in crafting balanced interiors that feel so uniquely you.

Based on our two decades of experience, we've thoughtfully curated this blog to share pieces of that with you. Here, you'll find interior design insight and behind-the-design details to become a resource for designing + living with intention, eloquence, and beauty. 

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