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Timeless Holiday Tablescape for the Modern Host

In the pursuit of a timeless tablescape for the modern host, bringing together metallic decor, curated place settings, luxury holiday candles, bespoke textiles, and greenery creates a truly curated experience — for you and your guests — that transcends trends, and can be re-used and repurposed throughout the seasons. It's an invitation to savor not just a meal but an experience, and to truly enjoy being home for the holidays.

Curating your own tablescape? Shop local this season at our Charbonneau Shop, where you'll be able to shop this entire post, and bring these designer decor pieces right from our Shop, to your home. Find it all on our Shop, here:

Here at our Deep In The Heart Farms boutique drapery project, we decked the halls and created this timeless tablescape we hope inspires you for your upcoming feasts and festivities! Here's our 5 step formula for how we created and curated this tablescape.

Curating your own tablescape? Shop local this season at our Charbonneau Shop, where you'll be able to shop this entire post, and bring these designer decor pieces right from our Shop, to your home. Find it all on our Shop, here:

1. Bespoke Table Runner: our Foundation

A table runner is more than just a functional accent — it's a chance to showcase your style through textiles, bring in texture and softness, all while protecting your table!

Opt for bespoke textiles that tell a story of craftsmanship and individuality. Consider a custom-made table runner in rich, textured fabric that complements the overall color palette. It's a subtle yet powerful detail that elevates the entire tablescape. Here, you'll find just that with one of our handcrafted table runners in our Shop this season, hand-sewn right here in our Houston Studio by our incredible seamstress, Munira. This piece is truly one-of-a-kind, and can bring that custom and curated feel to both your tablescape and your guests' experience.

Our intention with our textiles design this holiday season was to bring cheer and joy with the textiles, but not overload on typical holiday cliches. This way, you can use these table runners year-round, season after season.

2. Garland and Greenery (that you can use season after season)

Next, we laid down this natural garland and rustic greenery for the second step to curating our timeless tablescape. Because of the beautiful country landscape and wood, rustic tones throughout the space, we felt that going with this more natural, rustic garland was the perfect fit for this space's style.

To round out this garland and add some texture and volume, we also layered in these amazing faux magnolia stems — while we normally always opt for real florals, this faux foliage is our team's FAVORITE way to bring nature inside, while still being low-maintenance and easy to care for. Especially for tablescapes, we love to invest in faux greenery like these magnolia stems because they can be used year after year, and can be easily stored when not used! Plus, you don't have to worry about any florals drying or dying the longer you leave them out. Seriously, you won't believe these aren't real!

3. Merry Metallics and Modern Acrylics

Once we've laid down the greenery, it's time to add some contrast... metallics! There's nothing like a beautiful gold tone to really make it feel like the holidays, without it feeling cliche. We've stocked our shop with beautiful metallic pieces (like these trees) because they really are a hit every year with both our designers and our clients. To add some height, we opted for these oversized metallic trees to anchor our tablescape.

To balance out our colors here, we also added in these chic, contemporary acrylic deer. Visually, they don't clutter the table much, but add just enough texture and interest to make a statement. We love these deer because they're incredibly durable, too! Again with our timeless tablescape theme... they are absolutely able to be packed away and enjoyed year after year!

4. Curated (and Custom) Place Settings

Each place setting tells a story, and for the modern host, that story should be one of curated, yet effortless perfection; perfectly YOU. Choose dinnerware that blends seamlessly with your overall theme – perhaps a combination of classic white plates and subtly patterned salad plates, or make a statement with gold flatware like we did here. Elevate the experience further with custom calligraphy and creative moments, like these completley custom marble napkin holder rings from our a recent creative collaboration you can find now on our Shop!

Our love language is all things curated and custom, and bringing in small touches like this in the place settings is a beautiful way to make your tablescape timeless, but also completely one-of-a-kind!

5. Luxury Holiday Candles

Candles, synonymous with warmth and intimacy, will really round out your guests' 5-senses-experiences at this tablescape. Opt for luxurious holiday candles in varied heights and shapes, strategically placed to cast a soft, inviting glow. The flickering flames create an ambiance that encourages lingering conversations and unforgettable moments, AND smell absolutely amazing.

These Frasier Fir candles are sold out every year for a reason, which is why we love to stock our Shop with plenty of them for the season! On this tablescape (and in our Shop), you'll find all of the small, medium, and large sizes of these signature Frasier Fir candles that smell like holiday heaven.

Curating your own tablescape? Shop local this season at our Charbonneau Shop, where you'll be able to shop this entire post, and bring these designer decor pieces right from our Shop, to your home. Find it all on our Shop, here:

For the full holiday tour of decking the halls at Deep In The Heart Farms, check out this blog post here.







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