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Viva Magenta, Moody Pink & More Colorful Home Inspiration

Inspired by Viva Magenta, Pantone Color of the Year 2023, Nancy Charbonneau shares design ideas from her February mood board. Plus, shop favorites inspired by this moody pink palette.

February has always been a month of growth for me. I know that may be an odd way to describe it, but it is the month following the reset & reflection of January, and February is the time to dig in and forge ahead with the road map that the reflections of January created. Each month, I establish a word to keep top of mind for the month, and this year I am adding a color to that. February’s color for me is Magenta. I cannot help but be happy, empowered and optimistic when I see it.

To hopefully add a few ideas to your design board and inspire you for spring, I wanted to share a few things I've saved and loved over the past few weeks as I get into gear for a new month. Inspired by Viva Magenta, Pantone Color of the Year 2023, here's a few design ideas from my February mood board!

A few words that embody the feelings that Magenta evoke are:

Courage, Vulnerability, Unconventional, Fearless, Strong, Joyous, Optimistic, loving.

Inspired from Nature, it truly is a visual gift of delight and joy. Magenta is so powerful that it was named after a battle that took place in Italy!

In my research, I found: “Magenta was patented in 1859 by the French chemist François-Emmanuel Verguin, who originally called it fuchsine, but was then was renamed to celebrate the Italian-French victory at the Battle of Magenta fought between the French and Austrians on 4 June 1859 near the Italian town of Magenta in Lombardy.” Who knew?!

When Pantone announced its 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta, I was excited to see one of my all time favorite colors recognized for the amazing feelings it evokes, and am excited to share it this month with you. I do believe in Color Psychology and how it can impact our overall outlook and feeling of well being.

Pantone and Artechouse created a Magentaverse in New York City that I have on my bucket list to attend! It looks absolutely amazing. To be fully immersed in this color sounds incredible!

I love How magenta can be found in Nature... in the evening sky, reflections on water.

Sunset in Miramar Beach, Florida

Fresh Vegetables at the Steamboat Springs Farmers Market

My cat Mozart enjoying our garden!

I am excited for the rebirth of my flower garden this spring that is sprinkled with hues of magenta. I love how it pairs so well with orange and yellow!

The color Magenta combines the strength and energy of red with the compassion and sincerity of pink. I love these two cards that embody that so beautifully!

Magenta textiles in interiors are a way of saying I am not afraid, I am not taking myself too seriously and I love life. We had the privilege of being able to use this color in a few of our recent projects, and what joy it brings!

Custom chairs, custom artwork and orchids bring Magenta into a beautiful living room for one of our color loving clients. Maxwell fabrics, Tiffany Alexander Artist.

The ASID Gulf Coast Chapter Showcase that we had the privilege of touring in December, features a gorgeous magenta rug in the Primary bedroom by designer Christine Ho.

Not ready for a big commitment to bringing magenta into your interiors? Flowers are an excellent way to add the pop without the fear of it being too much.

Fresh flowers add a pop of color in this powder bath for one of our clients.

After the holiday decorations came down, magenta orchids brought color and brightness to my living room, helping to avoid the feeling of lack of color after the festive holiday season, again making this the perfect color for February!

Shop Nancy's Favorite Finds, inspired by Pantone's Viva Magenta!







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