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At Charbonneau Interiors, we create designs that connect who you are to how you live. Now, we’re opening up our Studio to share interior design insight, behind-the-scenes details, and exclusive project reveals.


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13 Unique Ways to Display Local Art in Every Room

With The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival coming up, we're sharing inspiration on how to style local artwork throughout every room in the home, from kids rooms to kitchens, hallways to home offices.

The Hallway

The gallery hall is the new gallery wall! Elevate your hallways with professionally framed artwork... bonus points if you can mix up the framing to create a fun, gallery-esque effect! In our River Oaks project, it was important to honor these incredible photographs and art pieces our clients had. To do that, we had them professionally framed and hung in the second-level of the entry hallway.

Right when you enter through the doors at our Meadowbrook Homestead project, you're greeted by stunning horse photography, shot by a local photographer at our clients' ranch home in the Texas countryside. Professionally set in acrylic framing, this piece is not only beautiful, but a special reminder to our clients of their equestrian passion! This photograph completely elevates this small entry wall, taking it from a pass-by wall to a memorable moment.

Home Office

Ah, the home office. Whether you spend your entire day here or just count on this space for a few moments of deep focus and productivity, it should be filled with things you love and that inspire you. In Nancy Charbonneau's home office (or as we call it, her Cloffice!), you'll find this fun gallery wall filled with pieces she painted herself! Watercoloring is a huge passion of hers, and these pieces remind her everyday the importance of setting aside a few moments to just be in her own creativity, and just paint.

And sometimes, local art is closer than you think... in our Hope Valley home, that meant right down the hall in her kids' rooms! This sweet mom chose to hang her kids' artwork in her colorful home office, and we think it just absolutely completes her special space.

In His Office in Panther Creek, we were looking for that *perfect* piece to complete this statement fireplace and mantle. While we spent time sourcing elsewhere, when our clients showed us his personal collection of nature pieces, we immediately knew our search was over. We love how it brings in these masculine and moody tones, and holds such special memories for the guy who spends most of his time in here!

Hanging a special piece like this over your fireplace is a great way to display something that means so much to you, while also being a great source of conversation for everyone who enters!

Dining & Kitchen

Statement art 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 Dining areas. Truly a match made in heaven! If you have a blank wall you're not sure what to do with, find something funky to fill it. It can make for a great conversation starter with your guests!

Would you believe this metal artwork was hand forged in Austria? And it came all the way to our River Oaks project to find its home!

Or if you're looking for a more subtle statement, framing out a beautiful photograph is a great way to incorporate a local photographer's work into your home. At our Meadowbrook Homestead project, we had a local photographer capture photos of our clients' horses at their ranch in the Texas countryside. The result was some seriously stunning photos that we then printed on canvas and had professionally framed here in The Woodlands.

Found at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival a few years back, these funky art pieces are PERFECT for this colorful kitchen! Our clients (and us) love local artists and bringing something truly one-of-a-kind into their home, so when our clients saw this piece, we knew we had to find a home for it. Affectionately known as the "noodles" throughout the project, we hung them with a speckled wallpaper backdrop to really make them the statement here!

Also, what a testament to the great artists that The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival brings!! We love going every year to shop for unique art with clients. We've found so many amazing pieces over the years!

Living Room

When you have a large wall to fill — especially with built-ins — it's a perfect opportunity to fill it with a local piece! With so many amazing local artists here in Houston, we turned to Mary Hatchcase and her nature-inspired work to complete the niche here at the lounge at Meadowbrook Homestead.

Another great place to display unique artwork is inside those built-in niches! Niches like these found at our Hope Valley project are extremely common the suburban homes here in North Houston, and rather than a statue or figurine, we wanted to do something different. With our clients' love for unique art and support of local artists, we turned to a local Houston artist to create these hand-poured acrylic pieces, sized perfectly to fit into these entry niches.

And of course, the classic above-the-mantle piece! We love to utilize this space to really show off our client's personality, especially with local art when we can find it. This piece was custom commissioned by a local artist here in The Woodlands, and is the perfect addition to this fun, colorful home!

Kids Rooms

And of course... the kids rooms! Kids rooms are such a FUN place to play with color, pattern, and texture, which can open up some fun possibilities with using local artwork. In this bunk room, we opted for small pieces in a gallery format. These were all found at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, too!

How fun is this sweet piece? For our client's dog-loving son, this multi-media wall decor found its home at our Hope Valley project. We found this piece at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival.

Join us at The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival & Art Dash!

If you're in The Woodlands and looking for places to find your own local art to bring into your home, join us at this year's The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival AND their Friday night event, Art Dash! These events are an incredible opportunity to find some really special pieces, and meet the artists who made them. This piece Nancy dashed for last year now hangs in her entryway!

These events directly benefit The Woodlands Arts Council, an organization near and dear to our hearts that provides incredible programming and scholarship opportunities for local artists here in The Woodlands. So, not only can you walk away with some great pieces, you are also supporting an amazing cause, too!

We hope to see you there! Find all the information you need for The Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival and Art Dash here!

Here you'll find Nancy and Dave with a few of our clients from last year's Art Dash. SO many great pieces were "dashed" for!







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