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Are you curious about a full-service design experience, just looking for guidance, or researching inspiration for your next project? Wherever you find yourself on your design journey, welcome!


At Charbonneau Interiors, we create designs that connect who you are to how you live. Now, we’re opening up our Studio to share interior design insight, behind-the-scenes details, and exclusive project reveals.


Curated by both our design team, we hope you find a bit inspiration as you look around … and maybe even have a little fun along the way!




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What to Expect from our Charbonneau Interiors Experience

Eloquent designs

Eloquent design is our way of talking about the work we do and in a way that brings across our dedication to grace & ease in our style.

In interiors that are highly personalized to each individual client, you’ll see certain design elements are important to us and are present in our designs:

  • Paint colors will be soothing.

  • Light will be streaming in from the sun.

  • Lighting will illuminate all the beautiful details.

  • Textiles will always be gorgeous and tell a whole story through their patterns & textures.

  • And Personal Objects will bring so much meaning to our clients’ lives.

  • And in some way, nature will always be present.

In eloquent design, all the design elements come together and contribute to an overall feeling that our home is wrapping its arms around us, almost saying: “rest here, relax here, reinvigorate here” and makes us never want to leave.

Dedicated “pod” for your project

Collaboration is crucial to every single thing we do here — collaboration with contractors, craftspeople, clients, and most importantly, each other! With 15 people on our team, the most important part of a successful project is making sure we maximize everyone’s strengths and talents.

We do this through our project “pods”, which are unique pairings for every single project that are typically made up of a lead designer, assistant designer, associate designer, furnishings specialist, and systems manager. Sometimes more, sometimes less — it’s truly unique to each specific project!

When we begin a project, we begin with extensive questions — our goal is to get to the heart of not only the project’s scope, but our clients’ hopes, dreams, personalities, schedule, and more. Armed with this information, we create a unique pod to fill what the project (and client) needs.

Take a look here at a few of our current pods, and what projects they’re currently working on.

Technical and construction expertise

An interior designer does much more than putting together aesthetic visions, picking out product, and styling selections — this part is actually usually only 25% of what our team does.

And with most renovation and construction projects spanning 18+ months, this is a good thing! Any renovation or construction project is going to be an investment … not only with the tangible items you end up, but with the professionals you surround yourself with.